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2014 Annual Report Celebrating 140 years 1874-2014 each child every opportunity Vision A society in which each child is given the opportunity in early childhood to develop their abilities to meet lifes challenges and opportunities. Role We provide early intervention and other services for children before they go to school particularly vulnerable children and their families. We do this in an environment in which the value and dignity of every child is recognised. We promote the interests of children by providing advice to community organisations the community sector and government. Values Integrity Behaving fairly and ethically and communicating in an open and honest manner. Diversity Respecting and building on the strengths of differences in their various forms. Collaboration Promoting partnerships with children families communities staff and carers. Innovation Discovering ways to achieve improved outcomes for children. each child every opportunity 2 Vision Values and Role The Infants Home is an integrated service one of the largest of its kind in NSW. We integrate early childhood education and care early intervention and health services for children and families. In 2014 we provided services to 2358 children. One third of these services were directed to children and families with additional physical or emotional needs or those living in vulnerable circumstances. Strong children strong families strong nation 2014 saw The Infants Home celebrate 140 years as a dynamic and innovative organisation championing the rights of children women and families protecting children at risk and guiding families as they build their strength skills and confidence to create a more positive future for themselves. Our fundamental purpose is to have a positive social impact on the communities in which we operate. We achieve this by Providing high quality evidence-based services Focusing on disadvantaged children and families Addressing social justice and inequality Building partnerships for societal change. Each child every opportunity Since our inception in 1874 we have continually supported vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families to build new futures by breaking the cycle of hardship fear and hopelessness. We have achieved this by providing physical and emotional environments that are socially just and equitable free of any stigma and that value the rights of all children and families. 3About Us About SpOT Childrens Clinic sessions were delivered children attended SpOT Clinic sessions families supported by the Sydney Hope Family Cottage Postnatal Clinic children attended playgroups each week on average parent information sessions were held at playgroups parents and carers attended 14 parenting courses and wellbeing workshops women attended the Stepping UP social and emotional wellbeing program for women children attended our family day care services children transitioned to primary school from an Early Childhood Education and Care centre Clinical Services Early InterventionEarly Education and Care 486 corporate volunteers worked with us on 60 days 86 children received scholarships or fee subsidies for our Integrated Services 611 880 320 991 80 25 86 192 88 43 children attended our Early Childhood Education and Care centres 2358 children accessed our services 4 Our Year in Numbers We have LOVED the projects which involve our son in aspects of life that we are unable to show him in our own home e.g. growing plants we have no outdoor space and the introductions to other cultures he has come home singing songs in other languages and practicing yoga postures and hes not even 3 yet PARENT EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE I like the concept of family day care as it is one carer with 4 kidsBeing the only baby there he not only got Fahmidas full attention but the older kids also looked after him. I believe this is important not only for my sons development but also for the development of the other kids as they get introduced at an early age to caring sharing. PARENT FAMILY DAY CARE I cannot rate this service highly enough. The caring personal nature of the appointments in the home are so reassuring and beneficial As a sufferer of depression if this service was more readily available Im sure post-natal depression issues would decline due to the high level of personal support provided. CLIENT SYDNEY HOPE FAMILY COTTAGE Clinicalservices Early in tervention Early education and care fami lies com munity children Early Learning and Care Centres Family Day Care Playgroups Parent Education Family Support Clinics Early Childhood Allied Health GP 5 Through two world wars the Great Depression outbreaks of cholera and typhoid Bubonic Plague and economic difficulties The Infants Home has prevailed by constantly challenging the status quo adapting and evolving to ensure the very best outcomes for children and families especially those living in vulnerable or disadvantaged circumstances. 140th Anniversary 1874-2014 Every organisation has a story. But few can trace their roots back to the days before Australia even became a nation. In 1874 a group of visionary women fought the Church the press and prominent citizens of the day to establish Australias first home for abandoned babies and unmarried mothers and their children in Darlinghurst. They knew that providing a home for orphans would save lives and offering shelter and employment options for women would create hope and opportunity for their futures. The Infants Homes founding mothers were courageous women whose commitment to the rights of women and children continues to inspire our pursuit of excellence in child education welfare and social justice today. Through two world wars the Great Depression outbreaks of cholera and typhoid Bubonic Plague and economic difficulties The Infants Home has prevailed by constantly challenging the status quo adapting and evolving to ensure the very best outcomes for children and families especially those living in vulnerable or disadvantaged circumstances. Over the past 140 years The Infants Home may have changed the services it provides the way we collaborate and our language but our commitment to our vision of providing each child every opportunity is as strong as ever. 6 Celebrating 140 years 1874 The Sydney Foundling Institute established in Victoria Street Darlinghurst. The first orphan found on steps was christened Sydney Hope for the town and the hope carers had for his future 1876 Purchase of Henry Street Ashfield property with gift from Thomas Walker Esq. of Concord. Name changed to The Infants Home the following year 1883 The First Board of advice is established to oversee the operation of The Infants Home 1897 First kindergarten established on site integrated care provided for resident children and those in the local community 1900 Bubonic Plague breaks out in Sydney and on medical advice The Infants Home cannot accept new residents for a short time 1901 In the year Australia became a nation on January 1 The Louise Taplin Ward was built adjacent to the original stone house followed by several other wards 1924 IncorporationThe Infants Home Actpassed by NSW Parliament 1929-32 During the Great Depression the Infants Home provides shelter to 240 children and 96 mothers surviving the crisis with donations 1936 Dame Enid Lyons the first woman elected to Federal Parliament opens a nursery school at The Infants Home 1937 A breakthrough year for The Infants Home with a nil annual mortality rate for the first time 1942 The Infants Home remains open despite financial difficulties due to war half of the 278 children in residence have fathers at war 1951 Sydney Hope Family Cottage an infant feeding and settling clinic was established and named in honour of our first orphan 1965 The Infants Home adopted by HMAS Sydney in memory of shipmates lost on the HMAS Voyager 1972 First organisation to move from institutional care model orphanage to child care long day care family day care and foster care day care centre opened by NSW Governor Sir Roden Cutler 1977 The Infants Home establishes the Women and Childrens Stress Centre set up in support of children and families at risk 1984 The Infants Home establishes a multi- purpose support hub for vulnerable families 1987 The first visit to The Infants Home by an incumbent Prime Minister when Bob Hawke tours our premises 1996 All of our long day care centres are accredited by the National Childcare Accreditation Council 2004 Child and family services become integrated at The Infants Home 2009 The Infants Home establishes the SpOT Childrens Clinc to offer speech pathology and occupational therapy to children 2013 The new Early Education and Care Centre opens to expand our services to meet community needs and bridge existing service gaps 2014 Establishment of a GP Clinic onsite as social enterprise to strengthen delivery of health services to the broader community 77 In 2014 The Infants Home took the opportunity to focus on embedding our significantly expanded programs following our rapid growth in recent years with the opening of Stage One of a new Education and Care Centre and the expansion of our Family Day Care Sydney Wide Service across the inner west northern beaches and RandwickSouth Sydney. A key aspect of this consolidation phase has been our continued focus on the delivery of innovative evidence-based services for the additional 600 children who can now access our integrated services each year. I would like to welcome The Infants Homes new Patron Mrs Linda Hurley wife of His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC Rtd Governor of New South Wales who agreed to be our Patron in October 2014. I also extend our warmest thanks to our previous Patron Sir Nicholas Shehadie and his wife Dame Marie Bashir former Governor of New South Wales for their support of The Infants Home from 2001 to 2014. I also wish to thank the many organisations and individuals who support our work. In 2014 The Infants Home was once again fortunate to have received tremendous support from both our long term philanthropic and corporate partners as well as new benefactors. Our continued ability to have a strong social impact in our community and to make a real difference in the lives of children and families especially those who are most vulnerable relies on the generosity of our donors supporters and partners. We look forward to continuing and growing these relationships in the future. Finally thank you to The Infants Homes Board CEO Leadership Team and staff for their unfailing endeavours and commitment to realising our mission to provide each child every opportunity. Denise Taylor Message from the President8 When Julia first came to The Infants Home with her children Bella four and Amy two her family had very complex support needs. Julia had been referred to The Infants Home by the supported accommodation service where she and her children were living due to domestic violence. A recent arrival to Australia from Africa she spoke little English was socially isolated and had no family to help or support her. She was struggling in her parenting role especially with four year old Bella whose behaviour was quite challenging with frequent tantrums aggressive behaviour and socialemotional difficulties. Julia initially received support from The Infants Home social worker who facilitated her familys engagement with our service. This meant that Julia only had to tell her story once sparing her the stress of having to recount this over again to other staff. With the support of scholarship funding Bella and Amy were able to use The Infants Homes minibus on some days to be transported to and from childcare. Julia was also supported to access other resources in the community such as playgroups to help her and her children to connect with other families as well as housing health and financial services. She also received assistance to enrol in English lessons at TAFE. Bella was referred to our art and play therapy program where the predictable and consistent sessions allowed her to feel safe and in control. These sessions combined with the other supports around herself and her family helped Bella to become less anxious and to gain the skills and confidence to forge strong beautiful friendships with both her peers and educators. Her relationship and communication with her mum also improved and Bellas capacity to feel good about herself and to experience a genuine sense of belonging increased significantly. Today both Bella and her younger sister Amy have transitioned successfully to school and are busy learning and making new friends. Julia hopes to enter the workforce when she has completed her English studies and to continue her familys journey toward a future of hope and strength. 9Julias Story Club Five Dock RSL Presidents Black Tie dinner We were delighted to have been chosen by our longtime supporter Club Five Dock RSL to be the beneficiary of their annual Presidents Black Tie fundraising dinner. The event was a huge success raising 25000 which will go towards our new on site kitchen facility. Art as Celebration In May the community came together to celebrate the creativity of our children at The Infants Homes annual Art Show now in its 7th year. The day was a great success with many children families and educators mingling to admire and discuss the impressive artwork displays. The Art Show also gives us a chance to catch up with our families in a relaxing social situation. Some of our families have been with us for many years as they have had several children attend our programssuccessively. We also often have visits from families whose children have since moved on to primary school - and in some cases even to high school THE INFANTS HOME CEO ANITA KUMAR Anita accepts a cheque from Club Five Dock RSL President Robert Ridge L and CEO David Conway. The children watch eagerly as the 140th birthday cake is cut at our annual Art Show. Throughout 2014 our preschool children participated in AFL coaching clinics where they learned basic AFL movements such as catching passing and kicking as well as learning about team work. 10 Our highlights achievements 11 Opening of community GP Clinic In January 2014 in partnership with Your Doctors we were thrilled to open doors to our onsite Community GP Clinic. Through the clinic we aim to address issues of long waiting periods and lack of coordinated services especially for children with additional needs. We are extremely excited that the genuine need for the clinic has been borne out by the consistently high levels of bookings it has had since opening. Expansion of our integrated services Throughout 2014 we focused on extending the reach of our integrated programs to children and families especially those with additional needs or experiencing complex challenges in their lives and we opened our space to the community providing a meeting space for a weekly Aboriginal Womens and Childrens Group yarning circle. Childrens Carnival Thousands of children and families from our local community joined us at the Childrens Carnival in October to celebrate Childrens Week. Our beautiful grounds were a riot of colour and sound with rides and jumping castles a petting zoo magic show and childrens entertainment as well as food and market stalls. This event gives us a wonderful opportunity to embrace people from our local community and beyond. The Childrens Carnival is one way that we can celebrate childrens right to enjoy childhood and focus our attention on their needs and achievements. This event is a chance for us to open our doors to our community and to connect with the community to raise their awareness of the work that we do THE INFANTS HOME PRESIDENT DENISE TAYLOR In August we were delighted to host a tour of our service for the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation whose significant contribution towards our new Early Learning and Education Centre has enabled us to increase our operational capacity by 30. Dr Wenkart head of The Wenkart Foundation came to The Infants Home to learn more about our integrated services. The Wenkart Foundation generously supports our work with children and families. Pictured from left Dr Wenkart The Infants Homes CEO Anita Kumar and Philanthropic Consultant Gavin Thomson. Dr Sam Hayes gives 4 year old Eddie a check-up. 11 2014 was yet another remarkable year for The Infants Home beginning with the opening of our community GP Clinic onsite. The clinic which is accessible to the general community proved to be a great success with consistently high utilisation rates throughout the year. May 2014 marked the beginning of our 140th Anniversary year. Since our inception in 1874 we have continually supported vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families to build new futures bybreaking the cycle of hardship fear or hopelessness. 2014 also saw us engage in strong partnerships to deliver family day care for Pittwater and Mosman Councils and parent education programs with Local Health Districts. As we look to the future The Infants Home will continue to strive to serve the community bridge ever widening gaps in accessibility and deliver responsive services for our most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and families. Our Strategic Plan over the next two years includes a strong focus on creating impactful partnerships and continuing to build our capacity to create a social enterprise that will demonstrate sound and sustainable social and financial outcomes. I extend a warm thank you to our Board members and to the honorary professionals and consultants who gave their time and skills to The Infants Home throughout 2014. Thank you to the staff and leadership team whos hard work and commitment is demonstrated every day. Your dedication and passion for making a difference in the lives of children and their families is truly inspirational. Anita Kumar Message from the CEO12 Born prematurely at just 26 weeks gestation Angus has significant health care needs as well as a global developmental delay. Anguss parents Sophie and Tim wanted Angus to have his additional needs met in a mainstream childcare setting where he would be genuinely included and could learn grow and make friends just like any other child. Angus was two when he started in Murray House. He had a tracheostomy tube since birth to relieve breathing difficulties due to chronic lung problems. This was removed after he had been with us for about two months. At first Angus received most of his nutrition via a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy PEG tube which is a plastic tube that is put directly into the stomach through the skin through which a liquid formula is administered. The Infants Homes Health and Early Childhood Consultant Meryl Burn works collaboratively with Anguss health care professionals his parents and educators to ensure that his additional needs are met and to support his participation in all aspects of the daily education and care program. Anguss PEG meal times were scheduled for the same time as the other childrens so that he could be a part of this important social experience and while these were happening some of the children would sit with him to chat and read books. An important goal for Angus is to eventually be able to receive all of his nutrition orally and he is well on his way to achieving this important milestone. While he continues to have PEG feeds overnight Angus now eats regular meals during the day and just 50 per cent of his nutrition is received via the gastrostomy tube. Angus recently moved to Robinson Houses preschool program and despite being a little overwhelmed at first by the size of the centres outdoor space it didnt take him long to adjust. He is now a keen participant in all that happens in the busy learning environment whether it is riding bikes playing soccer or making pretend cakes in the sandpit. Centre director Louise Doolin says that the children in the centre are genuinely inclusive of Angus. They dont see any delay or difference in him to them hes really just one of the crowd. 13Anguss Story Community demand for our early childhood education and care services remained strong in 2014 on the back of our service expansions completed in 2013. Our new Early Learning and Care Centre increased the number of children accessing our early childhood education programs as well as our capacity to deliver other intervention and clinical programs. The 2014 core operational surplus was 190426 against 181616 in 2013. Once again The Infants Home has committed some of these funds towards securing a sustainable future. Success in financing service expansion In 2014 we received funding in support of Stage One of our capacity building initiative from James N. Kirby Foundation The Wenkart Foundation as well as from the Estate of Mabel Prowse. The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation provided further funding to enable operational augmentations for this facility. We thank our generous supporters for their significant contributions to the success of this major capacity building project.Additional capital funding was provided by Thyne Reid Foundation FIL Foundation and Club Five Dock RSL which was targeted for the creation of a new and improved on-site kitchen facility an important development that will be realised in 2015. Success in service growth The expansion of our services created by Stage One combined with the growth of our Family Day Care Sydney Wide network to encompass services in Pittwater and Mosman council areas have significantly increased our service capacity resulting in 28 growth to our revenue as compared to our 2013 figures. Funding of 220000 from the Department of Health in 2014 combined with 80000 received in 2012 together with contributions from Your Doctors and the Anonymous Foundation helped us establish the Your Doctors GP Clinic onsite a social enterprise project that has successfully met community demand for GP services and created an additional revenue stream. Looking ahead We wish to express our deep gratitude to our many donors and supporters for their contributions towards our capital works service expansion capacity building and social enterprise projects. Their generous financial assistance provides impactful investment to our organisation making our vital work supporting young children and families possible and delivering financial returns to aid our transition to a financially sustainable organisation. Generating income from investments is another way we finance our services at The Infants Home. Our 2014 investment income was 150334. The Infants Home has an investment policy designed to build a portfolio which balances risk and return to ensure ongoing services. Whilst our 2015 budget will once again provide a prudent surplus we will continue to depend on community corporate and philanthropic financial support as we endeavour to strengthen our service and business model towards future sustainability. 14 Financial Report The Infants Home Ashfield for the year ended 31 December 2014 Financial results 2014 2013 Revenues Charges Fees 6887411 5184538 Investment Income 150334 152695 Government Grants for operating activities 1031264 904206 Donations for capacity building 243000 291000 Donations Other 516162 367090 8828171 6899529 Expenses Employee costs 6932035 5437769 Materials Services 1366963 1094318 Depreciation Impairment losses 338747 185826 8637745 6717913 Net operating result 190426 181616 Other Revenue for Capital Projects Government Grants donations 2363611 839969 and bequests for capital use purposes Summary of net assets Assets Cash Investments 5000555 4194676 Receivables other 277402 302869 Property Equipment 9744136 9360415 15022093 13857960 Liabilities Payables 1218163 1239575 Provision for employee Leave 665073 591903 Interest bearing Bank Loans 2000000 3500000 3883236 5331478 NET ASSETS 11138857 8526482 Audited copies of these accounts are available on request. Revenue excluding capital grants Early education care 70 Specialist health 4 Early intervention 26 Government Grants 11 Fundraising donations and bequests 11 Investment Income 2 Other income 2 Percentages of expenditure 1515 Volunteers Over 500 individuals donated their time and energy to The Infants Home through our volunteering programs in 2014. We estimate these volunteers and their 2800 hours of donated time has helped us save up to 90000 in general administration and grounds maintenance money we are able to redirect to helping children and families. Corporate volunteers 486 corporate volunteers attended 60 corporate volunteering days from these organisations BT Financial Group Crown Castle Deloitte Deutsche Bank GE Capital Goldman Sachs Herbalife HMAS Sydney NABMLC PNB Paribas PWC St George United Way Westpac BBQs at Bunnings To celebrate our 140th Anniversary we held 14 fundraising BBQs at Bunnings Ashfield. Corporate volunteers Strathfield Rotary as well as The Infants Home staff and family volunteers helped raise 20000 towards our programs. To The Infants Home thank you for a great year in both the Working Bees and Bunnings Fundraiser BBQs its been fantastic to continue our on-going support and relationship. LEO DOROMAL GE CAPITAL Herbalife is proud of our long and successful partnership with The Infants Home and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future Our Members appreciate the opportunity to be involved in The Infants Home community. ROD TAYLOR HERBALIFE GENERAL MANGER AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND Community volunteers Almost 50 community volunteers including parents staff family and community members assisted us with events activities and historical records searches last year. We are always grateful for their enthusiasm and commitment. Individual donors The Infants Home acknowledges the generous support of our donors and friends in 2014. Michael Allan Val Appleroth Ruth Armytage Betty Benjamin George and Shirley Bird Sonia Bustillo Anne-Marie Byrne Naomi Carter E Close Marcia Conquest Ray and Jenny Craigie Ann Crowley Edwin Davis-Raiss Dorothy Dawson Jennifer DeBrabander Narelle Deeney Susan Devenish-Mears Paul Donovan Jennifer Evans Lorraine Evans Tonia Godhard Gerald Ieal Sreedevi Koduri Anita Kumar Tony Kutra Paul Leahy Flora MacDonald Virginia Maguire Daisy Mallett Lina Marrone Lesley McCarthy Shae McCrystal Mary McCullagh Estate of Mike Moody Debbie Niulala Barbara Osborne David Palmer Charu Pratima Estate of Mable Prowse Estate of Greta Savage Lesley Shanley Paul Sheehan Bruce Stracey Denise and Stephen Taylor Carolyn Swindell Simon and Julia Tregoning Tina Tsen Jim Turnbull Mary Verschuer Tom Waddell Robert White Michael Wight Ducman Yip Peter and Anna Yuen 16 Our supporters Community and corporate donors We also thank those community groups and organisations that generously supported our work in 2014 through fundraising activities and donations AON Services Pty Ltd Ashfield Charitable Team Aussie Farmers Direct Canada Bay Club CWA Western Suburbs Club Ashfield Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs Herbalife Jardine Lloyd Thomas Kids in Philanthropy Leichhardt Womens Bowling Club Luna Park Massey Park Golf Club Playgroups NSW Rotary Club of Drummoyne Rotary Club of Strathfield Southern Cross Colour Studios Woodend Wests Ashfield Leagues Club Womens Australian Travel League WATL Your Doctors Benefactors Child and Family Programs These are the organisations that funded our specialist work with children and families in 2014 Benefactor Program Anonymous Foundation Art Play Therapy ANZ Staff Foundation Wired for Learning project Ashfield Charitable Team Equipment for SpOT Clinic Ashfield Council Redbug Playgroup Ashfield RSL Stepping UP Wellbeing Workshops for Women Burwood Council Resources for Gurung Playgroup Burwood RSL Postnatal Home Visiting program Gurung Community Playgroup City of Canada Bay Council Postnatal Home Visiting program Club Ashfield Bilingual Playgroup Worker Transport Scholarships for Vulnerable Children Club Five Dock RSL Social Enterprise Kitchen Project Fidelity Foundation Social Enterprise Kitchen Project Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks program Refilling sandpits in centres Herbalife Head Start on Health nutrition program The James N Kirby Foundation Capacity Building NSW Childrens Week Committee The Infants Homes Childrens Carnival NSW Department Education and Communities Purchase hydraulic nappy change table Pittwater RSL Resources for Family Day Care Sydney Wide Northern Beaches The Rali Foundation From Strength to Strength Transition to School Program Sabemo Trust Community Playgroups Thyne Reid Foundation Capital Campaign Kitchen Fit Out Project Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Capacity Building The Wenkart Foundation Capacity Building Wests Ashfield Leagues Club Bilingual Playgroup Worker Transport Scholarships for Vulnerable Children Rigby House Shade Structure 1717 The Infants Home contributes to research to build the store of knowledge about early childhood education and care early intervention and health services and participates in the development and review of relevant standards regulations and policy when the opportunity arises. Professional collaborations We hosted visits from a number of student and professional groups to share our expertise across our service disciplines and develop inter-agency collaborations. These included A group of early childhood practitioners and students from Malaysia who came to learn about our integrated service delivery model. A group of social workers from Korea who looked into our strategies for working with vulnerable and disadvantaged families. A delegation from GoodStart Early Learning who came to explore our programs with a focus on how we use our outdoor environments. A group from Noahs Shoalhaven which provides early education and therapy services for children with additional needs who were keen to gain insights into our integrated programs and services. International speaker Dr Elly Singer Associate Professor at the University Utrecht Department of Developmental Psychology and University of Amsterdam Department of Education delivered a presentation at The Infants Home on her research into the peer relationships of children. Changing Life Trajectories The Changing Life Trajectories research examined postnatal service delivery models for new mothers experiencing social isolation or vulnerability. The report was launched at our 139th Annual General Meeting. This research was undertaken in partnership with the University of NSW UNSW and the Association of Childrens Welfare Agencies. Art of Integration Dr Sandie Wong and Dr Fran Press from Charles Sturt University continued the ongoing action research project they are undertaking with us which focusses on how we work in inter-disciplinary ways. A third paper in the Art of Integration series to be published next year will highlight their latest findings. Other research and collaborative partnerships Dr Sheila Degotardi from Macquarie University continued her research on infant-toddler pedagogy with The Infants Home exploring how children their peers and adults understand and relate to one another. Integrated Services Manager Lynn Farrell co-wrote a paper with Associate Professor Alma Fleet from Macquarie University which was published in AJEC on The place of infants in the evolving policy context. The Infants Home also contributed to the UNSW Report Family Day Care at the crossroads paper Social Policy Research Paper. 18 Research and Advocacy Productivity Commission inquiry into child care In July 2014 the Productivity Commission released a draft report on the inquiry into childcare and early childhood learning. The Infants Home provided feedback at the public hearing in Sydney raising a number of key points. We supported a number of the recommendations made. However we also had some concerns around special childcare subsidies that are accessed by vulnerable families. Response to Family Day Care funding cuts The Infants Home collaborated with peak state and national family day care organisations to lobby for a review of the Federal Governments decision to change the eligibility criteria for the Community Support Program CSP funding and its impact on family day care operators. Conferences and presentations Integrated Services Manager Lynn Farrell presented to students at Petersham and Randwick TAFEs on our model of service delivery and she also presented the paper Integration in Action A Case Study at the 2014 Child Aware Approaches Conference. Art and Play Therapist Pensri Rowe delivered her presentation On mark making and leaving a mark. Processing the experience of Art Therapy with Preschool Children at the Embracing Ripples of Growth LASALLEANZATA Symposium in Singapore. 19 The Infants Home is governed by a voluntary independent Board of Directors with combined expertise in commercial and not-for-profit management. Our Board is committed to our values of integrity diversity collaboration and innovation. Denise Taylor President M.Ed Dip Tch Cert Tch Grad Dip Sch Lib FAICD FAIM Denise is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a background in quality assurance education and government sectors. She has leadership management and governance experience gained from a range of board memberships management of a government regulatory authority and management of independent and state schools. Member since 2010. Meetings attended 77 Debbie Niulala Vice President CA BBS Accounting GAICD Debbie is a qualified chartered accountant and lead senior manager within the risk division of Westpac. She has over 10 years consulting experience in Australia and overseas. Debbies expertise also spans consultancy and strategic risk management for higher and further education institutions. Member since 2008. Meetings attended 57 Chris Grundy - Treasurer BCom FCA FCIS GAICD Chris has 25 years experience in commerce and has held leading roles in general management finance operations sales and marketing and investor relations in Australia and abroad. His experience also encompasses working as CEO in private enterprise and CFO and Company Secretary for an ASX top 200 Company. Member since 2009. Meetings attended 67 Mary Verschuer MBA MScSoc BappSc GAICD Mary has over 20 years senior management experience most recently leading businesses in Asia and Australia. She is currently Managing Director of Schenck Process Australia a major supplier to the Australian mining industry. Member since 2008. Meetings attended 47 Anthony Kutra BEc Hons MBA FAICD FAIM Anthony has held various senior management and director positions in Australia and overseas covering the global mining services and engineering services industries. Anthony is Chair of the Advisory Council for Centacare Broken Bay. Member since 2008. Meetings attended 67 Leah Fricke MBA LLB HONS BA FCIS MAICD Leah is a professional non-executive director with a background in legal and governance issues. She has broad commercial experience and sits on a number of business and non-profit boards. Her expertise includes 15 years as a company secretary and in-house lawyer in a range of industries. In addition to working as a Director Leah teaches corporate governance. Member since April 2012. Meetings attended 77 Carolyn Swindell M.A MAICD Carolyn is an experienced marketing and public relations professional. She is the principal consultant of Charliesierra which specialises in strategic communication to support organisations and Boards. Her experience includes a career in both corporate and community organisations as well as being a political advisor. Member since April 2012. Meetings attended 77 Our Advisers and Consultants Architects David Burke and Michael Bullen of Brewster Murray Pty Ltd Property Rod Hawthorne and Chris Morley of INRES Auditors James Winter of Grant Thornton Audit Pty Ltd Solicitor John Gray of ClarkeKann Lawyers Philanthropy Gavin Thomson Visiting Medical Officer Dr Eleanor Brumby 20 Our Board Anita Kumar Chief Executive Officer BEng Elec. Com MM MAICD Anita has a strong business background and is experienced in forging impactful partnerships to build a sustainable social enterprise. She is passionate about developing The Infants Homes services to support the wellbeing of children and their families and to create a socially cohesive community which respects the diversity and the rights of children. Lynn Farrell Integrated Services Manager BEd Early Childhood Dip Mcraft. Cert IV Workplace Assessment Training Lynn is an early childhood teacher with a Mothercraft background. She has been involved in childrens services since 1986 as a teacher director and in senior management roles and has produced and delivered training locally nationally and internationally. Catherine Hunter Family Day Care Manager Diploma of Childrens Services Catherine has over 28 years experience in childrens services including long day care in-home care migrant centre childrens services and hospital crche. She has also worked with women and children who have additional needs in a womens refuge and in family day care settings. John Shen Finance Manager BEng AdvDipAcc MAcc MBA CPA John has extensive accounting and financial experience in the commercial and non-profit sectors. He has implemented principles and processes that underpin sound financial management in a complex accounting environment at The Infants Home. Joan Wilson Human Resources Manager Diploma of Teaching Primary Diploma of Personnel Administration Joan has substantial senior human resources management experience in retail service blue collar and childrens services organisations. She also taught human resources at TAFE for many years. 21Our Leadership Team Vale Robyn Huber In August 2014 we sadly farewelled Robyn Huber the director of Robinson House when she lost her battle with Lymphoma. During her 7 years with us Robyn worked with genuine passion and an ongoing dedication to help children families and staff to achieve positive outcomes in their lives. We sincerely echo the sentiments of one of our families who posted on our Facebook page Vale Robyn and thank you so so much. Service Awards 5 years Angelina Torres Jane Russel Karen Dashwood Nahida Ali Sally Brown Suzan Shimon Tania Cvijetic Vy Kim Thu Doan Ying Yu 10 years Amy Jones Catherine Hunter Deepa Dasgupta Jennifer Quek Leanne Blundell 15 years Nurjahan Hoque Rokeya Chowdhury Staff Excellence Awards Leadership Alicia Paciocco Meritorious Service Melissa Woolfrey Quality Karen Dashwood Team Robinson House Professional development at a glance 11 staff were undertaking tertiary studies 884 hours of professional learning and development were undertaken by staff 68 new staff members joined The Infants Home as our services continued to expand We supported practical learning experiences for students across a range of disciplines including early childhood education accountancy and social work. 22 Our Staff Some noisy friends stop by to enjoya splash in one of our bird baths End of year party at Murray House Thu Zar L and Lesley at Robinson Houses Childrens Carnival plant stall City of Canada Bay presents a cheque for our postnatal program to educators and children AFL Clinic Coach Matt with Harry Enjoying a sausage sizzle at the Art Show Gabriella from Herbalife celebratingannual Mark Hughes Day withthe children in Gorton House Special moments from 2014 17 Henry Street Ashfield NSW 2131 Ph 9799 4844 E W www.facebook.comtheinfantshomeeach child every opportunity